The Medieval Sportsman's Compendium of Knowledge

Hunting Regulations for the U.S. and Canada
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Books and Articles

1)   Richard Almond, Medieval Hunting, ISBN 0750921625, 2003
2)   The Hunting Book of Gaston Phebus - Gaston Count of Foix Harvy/Miller publications ISBN 1-872501-97-4
3)   John Cummins,The Hound and the Hawk,paperback reprint. Pheonix press 1-84212-097-2
4)    A Short Treatise on hunting by Sir Thomas Cockaine, Knight published in 1591. Download the book here. 1MB
5)    The Hound and The Hawk: The Art of Medieval Hunting. John Cummins. Weidenfeld and Nicolson Ltd. Londen. 1988. The absolutely best source I’ve found on period hunts, dogs, hawking, game, etc. Great appendixes with hunting records of the kennels, wages, laws, etc. Recently reprinted!
6)    The Art of Archerie, Gervase Markham,as published in 1634. Download the book here. 11.4MB
7)   Hunger's Prevention, or the whole arte of fouling by water and land, ,Gervase Markham, printed in 1671. Download the book here. 16MB
8)    Treatis on Hawking, from the Treatises of Hawking,Hunting,Fowling and Fishing, ,W.G.Faulkener,as published in 1596. Download the book here. 3.9MB
9)    Treatis on Hunting- where unto is added the measure of blowing, from the Treatises of Hawking,Hunting,Fowling and Fishing,,W.G.Faulkener,as published in 1596. Download the book here. 2.2MB
10)    Treatis of Fowling, from the Treatises of Hawking,Hunting,Fowling and Fishing, ,W.G.Faulkener,as published in 1596. Download the book here. 1.4MB
11)   Illuminated Manuscripts: Medieval Hunting Scenes (“The Hunting Book” by Gaston Phoebus). Gabriel Bise, translated by Peter Tallon. Miller Graphics. 1978. Little written text but great period illuminations of the hunt, dogs,kennels, and game.
12)   The Unicorn Tapestries. Margaret B. Freeman. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York. 1976. This book has a good chapter on the hunts, plus lots ofillustrations, comments on garb, game, plants, allusions to the hunt in literature, etc.
13)   The Unicorn Tapestries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Adolfo Salvator Cavallo. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York. 1998. A ‘lesser’ version of the above book with a different view point.
14)   The English Squire and his Sport. Roger Longrigg. St. Martin’s Press. New York. 1977. A good look at all the ‘gentleman’s sports’ mainly in late period and into the Victorian era. Covers horses, coursing, hunting, fishing, birding,etc.
15)   Hunting in Middle English Literature. Anne Rooney. Boydell Press. Rochester, New York. 1993. More about hunting imagery and allusion in literature and artwork than hunting itself but very interesting to read.
16)   Hunting Weapons from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century. Howard L. Blackmore. Dover Publications. New York. 1971. General info on hunting in period, lots of info on the weapons used.
17)   Life in a Medieval Castle. Joseph and Frances Gies. Thomas Y. Crowell Co. New York. 1974. Chapter VII: Hunting as a way of Life. Covers mainly hawking and par force hunts, includes some coursing information. Good general book, easy reading.
18)   Game and the English Landscape: The influence of the chase on sporting art and scenery. Anthony Vandervell and Charles Coles. Viking Press. New York. 1980. Chapters 1 & 2: The Hunter’s Imprint on the Landscape & The Beginnings of the Hunting Sports. Also p84-87. Some good text information. Covers hawking and hounds not by type, but whether with horses or on foot and other various combinations of hunting, including the beginnings of foxhunting and shooting.
19)   Pleasures and Pastimes in Medieval England. Compton Reeves. Budding Books. Great Britain. 1997. Chapters 5 & 6: Sport, Hunting and Tournaments & Nature, Pets and Gardening. Good general information on the role of animal sports, hunting, and pets, also has some brief information on poaching in the final chapter (chapter 10: Poaching, Sorcery, and Prostitution)
20)   The Uncollated Manuscripts of The Master of Game: towards a new edition. James I Mc Nelis III. PhD dissertation. University of Washington. 1996. UMI Dissertation Services. 4/6/01 Copy of the Mater of Game manuscript with commentary. Interesting information of how period manuscripts are edited, copied and come down to us as well.
21)   Hunting, hawking and the early Tudor gentleman: James Williams considers hunting as the ideal pastime for the nobility in the sixteenth century. James Williams. History Today. Aug. 2003. Hunting knowlage and ability as a defining characteristic of a ‘gentleman’ in Tudor period.
22)   Book of the Hunt of Gaston Phobeus. facsimile. 1998
23)   " Time of Grease" - A hunting article given at the Atlantian University Sessions / Fall 2004/ Word Doc"


1)   "Hunt Guild"
"Medieval Hunting"
"Medieval Hunting and Falconry"
"The Archeology of Hunting"
"Elizabethan Hunting: a brief introduction. Adam R. Lid.3/39/01 hunting and history
Boar Hunting Weapons of the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance. Talbot Mac Taggart.
"Middle Kingdom Hunt Guild"
"An Introduction to Hunting with Ferrets"

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